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Oct 02
Business tips for Startups
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5 Important Business Tips for a Startup

Startups are the next big thing in the Indian market. There is a radical shift in the mindset of the people and the industry in general about establishing one’s own enterprise- something that was considered as unsafe a decade back. An equal amount of interest is seen amongst business creators as well as funders in nurturing innovative ideas. With the world of Internet booming like never before, there is no dearth of guides, directions, mentor-assistance and business tips for startups. But is a ground-breaking idea and an interested investor enough in building a startup? Sadly, the answer is no.

Business Tips and Tricks for Startups

The flexible startup environment of today doesn’t compulsorily demand for a professional qualification from the interested minds. So, it has become quite common to see people from different backgrounds seed an idea out of sheer passion for that industry. Thankfully, one doesn’t always need to run behind a MBA degree to master the arts of Business Management. An understanding of the essential basics, an interest to constantly learn and a steady vision forms the recipes of a successful startup entrepreneur.

We have come up with 5 such basic yet important Business tips and tricks for budding startup-builders.

1.Understanding the basics:

Your startup idea might be a food truck or an online grocery store or a boutique but you still need to have a general idea about the basic rules in establishing a company in this country. You should be aware of the taxes to be paid and the general taxation know-how, financial accounts to be maintained, legal procedures, loan processes and the guidelines to be followed; the more you know, the better you can manage your business. Gather detailed information and be ready with the materials required, so that there is no end moment hustle. 

2.Know the important dates:

Setting up your own company and managing it may always leave you handful but there are dates that you can never forget like taxation due dates and tax filing deadlines. This aspect of the business is often overlooked yet setting up these records straight is absolutely essential. You can always hire a good efiling company to help you with all these technical aspects of the business but the basic understanding of how things work is extremely essential to do the smart work.

3.Define the business plan:

A clear vision is always essential to run a successful business- big or small, startup or established. Formulate the roadmap, define the goals, analyze the impact and create the structure for execution. Identify your mentors and never shy away from extracting valuable information, Business tips and tricks from them. Start building a solid framework before getting your hands dirty with the actual execution of the project; well begun is half done.

4.Never underestimate the power of aggressive marketing:

The efforts taken to market your product is as important as (if not more) the efforts taken to build it, especially for startups. A good marketing strategy that is ethical, aggressive and clear with its messages will take your business to places. In this world of social media, a steady online presence is required for your business to thrive. Understand the power of subtle yet powerful advertisements. Many researches have shown how a good advertisement strategy helps in gaining the trust and interest of the customers.

5.Learn to Balance:

One of the essential business tips for startups is the necessity in maintaining a regular credit-debit balance sheet. It is of utmost importance for the business owner to know and understand what comes and goes out of the company. Start with a simple excel sheet, compute your finances every day, maintain every important record and keep scaling as per your growing requirements. This helps in creating transparency and greater understanding of your ultimate business goals.

Luckily, you are not alone in this incredible, challenging yet rewarding journey. MyEfillings, understands how young entrepreneurs often struggle understanding the legal and financial aspects of the business. MyEfilings is a one-stop shop to the complete legal and professional services to new and the existing companies. Our qualified team of business specialists and experts will help you understand and manage this important dimension of your business.

Whether you run a startup or an established business or just have an incredible idea in your mind, get in touch with us today for outstanding business and legal services.  


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    One of the best overview for a start a business. I would like to have more details about these points. can I hope in next article please?
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