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Aug 10
QuickBooks Online Accounting Software
Posted by:MyEfilings
5 Reasons Why QuickBooks Online is Ideal Accounting Software

QuickBooks is online accounting software by Intuit and was launched in India few years back. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software used by small and medium enterprises in USA. In this article we will discuss 5 reasons why QuickBooks is the most suitable accounting package for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in India.

  1. Easy to install and start - It is very easy to install QuickBooks and start using it. In fact, installation of QuickBooks is not required on your computer. One has to just connect the computer to internet and access QuickBooks through web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. All the data is stored on a secured server.
  2. No Backups - All the accounting data is stored on secured servers maintained by QuickBooks. QuickBooks uses SSL so that all the data is stored in encrypted form and no unauthorized person can access this data. Rather it is more secured on QuickBooks’ server than on hard drive of a local computer where there is always a threat of viruses or data corruption. So no maintenance of computers is required and no data backup is required from user’s side.
  3. Easy to use - QuickBooks online is very easy to use and understand even for a person with non accounting background. The software is designed in such a way that it becomes very easy to navigate, understand and use the software. QuickBooks online can be connected with the bank account of the business and all the bank transactions will be synchronized on its own.
  4. Accessibility - Accessibility is one of the most unique features of QuickBooks online. QuickBooks online can be used by seven different users from anywhere. All the users can view, alter, update or extract any information on real time basis. Admin can allow rights to each of the user and the user can access the accounts according to the rights given by the admin. It becomes easy for a business owner to view, access or generate financial reports whether he is present in the office or not. QuickBooks online can also be accessed through Android or iOS mobile app.
  5. Affordability - There are many accounting softwares available in market today. Few of them are available for free. However using free software is not advisable as data security cannot be guaranteed. Other softwares are available in different price range. One year license for QuickBooks online accounting software can be purchased at discounted rates from MyEfilings.        

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