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Jan 13

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Chapter 78 GST Rates HSN Codes for Unwrought Lead Rods, Sheets and Profiles

The most confusing part during GST Registration process of any business is to find out correct GST Rates and HSN Codes / SAC Codes for Goods and Services. You can use GST Rate finder given on top of this page to find out HSN Codes or SAC Codes and their respective GST Rates.

Here we have provided the latest GST Rates with their respective HSN Codes for Chapter 78 – Unwrought Lead Rods, Sheets and Profiles

HSN Code

HSN Description

Rate (%)


Unwrought lead



Lead waste and scrap



Lead plates, sheets, strip and foil; lead powders and flakes



Other articles of lead (including sanitary fixtures and Indian lead seals)


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