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Jun 30
DIN Rejection
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Common causes of DIN rejection

Directors Identification Number popularly known as DIN is required for every present and future Director of a Company. The concept of DIN was introduced through Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006.

DIN is an eight digit unique number and required for every existing and proposed Director of the Company. Once DIN is allotted, there are no renewals or compliances required. However, if there is any change in name, address or other personal details of DIN holder, same has to be intimated to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) though specified forms with supporting documents as required.

DIN is generally issued immediately on submission of form and required documents. If there is any discrepancy in documentation or details provided, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) may ask for submission of further documents. In some cases application for DIN may be rejected for want of proper details or documents.

In this article we will discuss common causes of DIN rejection.

1. Name of the applicant should be expanded even if the Identity Proof contains the name in abbreviated form.

For example:

Name on Identity Proof of “Manoj Narayan Shastri” is written as “MANOJ N. SHASTRI”

In this case, name on the DIN application form should be written as “MANOJ NARAYAN SHASTRI” only.

2. Any mismatch in applicant’s name, including spelling mistake, may lead to rejection of application.

For example:

Applicant’s name on the Identity Proof is written as “Manoj Narayan Shastri” but on the DIN application it is written as “Manojj Narayan Shastry”. DIN application for this name may be rejected as there is spelling mismatch in Identity Proof and DIN Application.

However, minor spelling deviations in father’s name may be accepted, if such deviation do not materially impact the name.

3. Use of prefixes like Mr. / Mrs. / Kumari / Kumar / Master / Miss / Shri / Smt. Etc in the DIN application.

4. If the documents submitted as residential address proof are older than 2 months of submission of application. Documents accepted as residential address proof are Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill, Bank Statement etc.

5. If the documents submitted as residential address proof are in the name of other person such as father, spouse or any other family member.

6. Sometimes the address written on the residential address proof is written in different format though it is the same address which is mentioned in DIN application. This may be one of the causes of rejection of DIN application.

7. There is no attestation on the supporting documents. All the documents attached to the DIN application must be attested and Name, Designation, Membership / Practicing Certificate number should be mentioned property on the documents.

8. Passport, Driving License or any other identity proof attached to the DIN application should be currently valid.

All the DIN applications should be made after considering the above mentioned points.

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