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Oct 17

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Company information on MCA website

On incorporation of a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), some information about the Company or LLP is made available to Public through MCA website. In this article we will discuss about the Free information available on MCA website and Paid information on MCA website.

Free information on MCA Website

The Ministry of Corporate affairs publishes some data pertaining to all the Companies registered on MCA Website. This data is popularly known as Company or LLP Master Data.

Below mentioned data is available in the Company Master Data

Company or LLP Master Data

  • CIN of the Company
  • Company Name
  • ROC – Code i.e. the ROC under whom the Company is Registered
  • Registration Number of Company or LLP
  • Company Category
  • Company Sub category
  • Class of Company e.g. Private, Public etc.
  • Authorised Share Capital of the Company
  • Paid up Capital of the Company
  • Number of Members in case of Companies without Share Capital
  • Date of Incorporation or Company or LLP
  • Registered Office Address
  • Address other than Registered Office where all or any books of accounts and papers are maintained
  • Email I’d
  • Whether listed or unlisted on Stock Exchange(s)
  • Suspended at Stock Exchange in case of Listed Companies
  • Date of Last AGM
  • Company status (for efiling)

Charge Details

Charge data consists of information on assets of the company against which lender has created charge. Below mentioned Charge Data is available on MCA website

  • Assets under Charge
  • Charge Amount
  • Date of Creation
  • Date of Modification
  • Status

Director/Signatory Details

Director details consists of below mentioned details:

  •  DIN of Director or Partner of LLP
  • Name of the Director or Partner of LLP
  • Date of Appointment of Director or Partner of LLP
  • Date of Resignation or Director or Partner of LLP

Other Details

Following information is available regarding the other Companies in which Director is engaged. This information can be accessed by clicking on the DIN in the Director details.

  • List of Companies where the DIN holder is Director
  • List of Companies where DIN holder is Designated Partner

PAID information available on MCA website

In addition to the information available through Company Master Data on the MCA website, additional information is available on payment of prescribed fees to the MCA. This fees is to be paid online and the below mentioned data can be downloaded

  • Certificates e.g. Charge Registration Certificate or Change of Name Certificate
  • Change in Directors e.g. information regarding Resignation or Addition or Directors
  • Incorporation Documents e.g. Incorporation Certificate or forms and documents filed at the time of incorporation of Company or LLP
  • Charge Documents e.g. forms filed at the time of Registration, Modification or Satisfaction or Charge
  • Annual Returns and Balance Sheet eforms e.g. Annual Return filed with attachments
  • LLP Forms when there is conversion of Company to LLP
  • Other eForm documents e.g. attachments filed with all the forms

All the above Free and Paid information is available to general public and can be accessed by any person, on payment of fees. Accessing the paid public documents on MCA website is also known as Search of ROC Documents or Inspection of Documents with ROC.

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