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Oct 14
Start a business without investment
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How to start your own business without investment

Now it is common knowledge that every initial business requires some capital for investing, but what happens when you can’t afford such an investment at the startup stage. This does not mean your dream is wasted. With discipline and the correct procedures you can easily start a business with no or less capital involved till the time it is up and running.

There are several business opportunities that can be started without too much of monetary investment. If initial investment of a small sum is required, then loans can be easily procured for the same. These can be repaid with income generated by the company or business.

Below given is the list of top 5 business opportunities which can be started with no or little initial investment.

1. Start a blog incorporating SEO.

We are now in the 21st century, the age of digital business where the market is online. The internet thus offers ample opportunities to take advantage of large and small companies seeking innovative platforms to advertise and market their products. You can start your blog using popular websites such as Wordpress which has different tools which can help you to feature in the first list rankings of search engines, such as Google. Once you generate continuous audience or traffic towards your blog, you can then monetize it by approaching various product or service providers to display their ads on your website. Thus you gain a constant source of income allowing you to maintain the quality of your blog.  Also once you are pro with blogging you can move one step ahead and start using SEO techniques to your website which will help you get more traffic and attract a good volume of business especially due to the concept of digital marketing which is the most trending phenomenon nowadays.

2. Jewelry making on ecommerce

Ecommerce sites like eBay are prime platforms to start no investment businesses. Jewelry in India is always in demand. If you can make the smallest investment possible to get some basic raw materials and take a course in jewelry making, you can start your own small business making jewelry designs and selling on ecommerce sites.

There is ample scope for growth. A startup can utilize artificial jewelry till you get enough capital to deal in real gold or silver products. Once your skills are recognized, then the sky is the limit. Suppliers who gain an interest in your work can supply you raw materials on credit. Jewelry is one such business whose value increases day by day. Thus it provides a good opportunity for income.

3. Event management

Event management is one such business that requires almost no investment. What you need for starting up an event management company is your own business registration or trade license to start a small company in your name. Event management deals with organizing events and taking care of all the support structure required for the event.

If you have one or two partners it is helpful since event management consists of coordinating with different service providers like catering, interior decorator etc. related to the event.

4. Recruitment Company

You can start a recruiting firm even at your home by converting a section of your existing residence into a small office. Such businesses do not need any investment other than communication and office infrastructure. Starting a recruitment firm with a partner or partners is also a good idea as it allows your scope to engage in higher volume of business.

5. Tutoring

If you have enough space for kids to sit you can start teaching with zero investment. It is very easy to start your own tuition classes. Once you grow, you can gradually start adding more teachers and visiting faculty for providing specialized lectures to students. You can even go for private tuitions i.e. one-to-one teaching.

Parents are too busy now-a-days to make their children study or take up their lessons. And therefore, tutors are necessary to help children in their studies.

Start a business with MyEfilings

In order to start any type of company you need to manage the basic documentation and paperwork that requires registration of your company. Without a brand name it would be impractical as you need an identity. Thus MyEfiings will take you through the whole process of registration. provides and manages all aspects of starting a company.

MyEfilings will provide all services to get your company established, up and running within the shortest possible time. Contact us today!


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