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Aug 31
Quickbooks Accounting Software
Posted by:MyEfilings
QuickBooks - The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses In India

A business, large or small, needs accurate records. QuickBooks is customized and intuitive accounting software best suited for small business that provides user friendly solutions for easy accounts.

The main reason why every business in India should maintain record of accounts is because it portrays not only a sense of discipline but it also projects transparency of transactions. This is extremely necessary when you require external investment or funding for your company. Financial institutions require a complete check of accounts before sanctioning finance. Similarly an investor would prefer seeing the performance of your company during the financial year, hence one need to keep proper records.

There are many accounting softwares for small business available in the market but many of them require a professional accountant for handling the complexities of accounting application. QuickBooks, on the other hand, is one such software that provides easy interface which even a layman can understand and use proficiently.

QuickBooks is especially useful as an accounting software to small business owners in India who cannot afford the large costs of an accounting department with professional accountants to do the job. Instead QuickBooks acts as your personal accountant with wide range of options to offer.

Outlined here are the benefits of incorporating QuickBooks into your business for maintenance of accounts.

1. Integration with related software

Good accounting software should provide flexibility and compatibility with other related programs. QuickBooks offers such options where completed tasks and accounts can be integrated or exported to auditing and tax filing software. QuickBooks is also compatible with MS Excel where data can be imported and exported to and from QuickBooks.

2. Customization with readymade templates

QuickBooks provides account specific templates such as invoice, charts, spreadsheets and tables with flexibility to adapt these templates as per one’s specific requirements. The biggest advantage of customizing is the benefit of designing as per brand guidelines and incorporating a company logo on the document.

3. Online Cheque Signing Facility

QuickBooks allows you to scan and upload a signature which can be automated for preparation of cheques rather than using the conventional way of signing hundreds of cheques each month.

As one of the best accounting software for small business, QuickBooks provides you every possible advantage you require as a start up businessman.

4. Financial management

QuickBooks through its applications enables a businessman to manage and record various transactions such as billing, payments, employee salaries, loans, taxes, tracking of sales with advance payments and settlements. It also provides an easy interface with templates to finalize your monthly accounting statements, receivables, cash flow, and analysis for sales of a particular month.

Where to purchase QuickBooks

QuickBooks, one of the most versatile accounting software for small business is easily available at MyEfilings provides a variety of services such as business registration, tax registration, legal and accounting services. As part of our accounting services, we offer QuickBooks at an attractive discounted price.

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