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Feb 27

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SAC code for funeral, cremation and undertaking services

GST Rates for services are based on the classification system developed by Service Tax department in India. The code allotted to a service is called Service Accounting Code or SAC code. Same way the GST Rates for goods are based on Hamonised System of Nomenclature and are called HSN Codes popularly. HSN code means a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by World Customs Organisation(WCO).

HSN Code for GST in India:                                                                                                                

Before implementation of GST in India, states in India had their own systems of classifying goods and services for determination of tax rates. However with introduction of Goods and Service Tax, uniform classification was introduced. All the states have now moved to HSN for classification of goods and SAC system for classification of services under GST regime.

In this article, we have mentioned SAC code list with GST Rates for funeral, cremation and undertaking  services.

Section 9 of SAC code deals with Community, social and personal services and other miscellaneous services. This includes SAC codes for administrative services of government, public administrative services provided to community as whole, administrative services related to compulsory social security schemes, education services, human health and social care services, sewage and waste collection, treatment and disposal and other environmental protection services, services of membership organizations etc

Heading & Group

Service Code (Tariff)

Service Description



Section 9: Community, Social & Personal Services and other miscellaneous services



Heading No.9997

Other services



Group 99973

Funeral, cremation and undertaking services





Cemeteries and cremation services





Undertaking services








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