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Nov 13

Posted by:Amani Nagda
Technology Bureau for Small Enterprises

The Technology Bureau for Small Enterprises or known as TBSE in short is known to provide a platform where small and upcoming enterprises can grab the opportunities at a global level for acquiring and for the acquisition of technology or even establish business collaborations as required. This is a result from the joint initiative taken by the United Nations' Asian and Pacific Centre for a Transfer of Technology also famously known as APCTT and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) which happens to represent, under one roof, synergy of technology as well as finance.

The Technology Bureau for Small Enterprises or TBSE also receives a partial funding from the Office of DC(SSI), from the Government of India.

The important features of The Technology Bureau for Small Enterprises (TBSE) services are as mentioned below:

  • It offers a professionally managed system which is handy for technology and any kind of collaboration search which is required by the enterprise.
  • It helps in building up a confidence level between the prospective partners of the enterprise.
  • It also lends a friendly hand in the detailed and intricate tasks regarding negotiations and matching of perceptions of different people in the enterprise or company.
  • It provides a gateway to a global technology market with the help of a wide-stretched networking system.
  • It creates a unique mechanism for arrangement of technology and finance for the enterprise.
  • It also takes up project appraisalsas well as preparations of business plan.

The range of services it offers is as follows -

1. Technology Information:

The Technology Bureau of Small Enterprises has a large computerised data base on technology options that are available from different countries of the world. It gives the useran updated information on the sources of technologies and various means of accessing them. Also the background information on technology-seeking enterprises is made available and maintained by the interested technology suppliers and collaborators.

2. Match Making:

It identifies and finds business partners who are willing to collaborate with others, brings them face to face and extends support to help with and to tie up financial assistance and other requirements for transfer of technology and successful creation of joint ventures. Collaborating partners are then further assisted in drafting agreements, obtaining various approvals and preparation of business plans.

3. Finance Syndication:

Depending on the amount of project, the nature and quantum of assistance required by the enterprise or company, the Bureau undertakes financial syndication through SIDBI covering term loans, lines of credit,foreign currency, venture capital, equity assistance and on selective basis interest-free loan in order to meet the initial expenditure in the pre-technology absorption stage of the company.

4. Business Collaboration:

The Technology Bureau of Small Enterprises offers support to small and upcoming enterprises (MSMEs) for the export of technologies and the products which are manufactured by them through business tie-ups as a part of the package of the deal. It helps promote international cooperation amongst SMEs. The Bureau organises overseas visits of various business delegations.

5. Support Services:

It arranges for consultancy services, allows visits of overseas experts for counselling: coordinates buyer-seller meets for specific product process technologies and it represents the business interests of different small enterprises in international events available.

In conclusion the Technology Bureau of Small Enterprises basically provides companies and other enterprises to connect with a high level of technology and services on a global level for their welfare.


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