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Dec 02

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Trademark Class 38 Telecommunications

Trademark Class 38 incorporates telecommunication services. Class 38 basically includes services which allow at least one person to communicate with another by a sensory means. Such services include those services which:

  • Allow one person to speak to another person,
  • Transmit messages from one person to another person, and
  • Places a person in visual or oral communication with another (through radio and television)


This Class particularly includes services which primarily consists diffusion of radio and television programs.

Complete List of All the Goods in Trademark Class 38

  • Telecommunication services,
  • Satellite transmission,
  • Telecommunications routing and junction services,
  • Communications by telegrams,
  • Telegraph services,
  • Transmission of telegrams,
  • Telex services,
  • Information about telecommunication,
  • Message sending,
  • News agencies or wire service,
  • Transmission of telegrams
  • Television broadcasting,
  • Wireless broadcasting,
  • Broadcasting services,
  • Radio broadcasting,
  • Cable television broadcasting,
  • Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services
  • Cellular telephone communication,
  • Telephone and mobile telephone services,
  • Telephone services,
  • Voice mail services,
  • Communications by telephone,
  • Facsimile transmission,
  • Paging services [through radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication],
  • Teleconferencing services
  • Communications by computer terminals,
  • Computer communication and Internet access,
  • Communications by fiber optic networks,
  • Computer aided transmission of messages and images,
  • Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services],
  • Electronic mail,
  • Providing internet chat rooms,
  • Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network,
  • Providing user access to global computer networks,
  • Providing online forums,
  • Rental of access time to global computer networks,
  • Transmission of digital files,
  • Transmission of greeting cards online,
  • Videoconferencing services
  • Access to databases,
  • Providing access to content,
  • Websites and portals
  • Rental of telecommunication equipment,
  • Rental of telephones
  • Provision and rental of telecommunications facilities and equipment,
  • Rental of modems,
  • Rental of message sending apparatus,
  • Rental of facsimile apparatus


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